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Small Business Computer Systems Design

Many businesses think having a computer makes them more efficient in their day-to-day work. The reality is usually quite different. Just moving tasks from being performed manually to now doing them on a computer does not guarantee you are more efficient. Unmanaged haphazard computer systems are often less efficient in processing workflow and therefore less productive. To insure maximum efficiency and real productivity improvement you need good computer system design. 

If your business has computers, but you know that your workflow should be more efficient, if your staff is complaining about being able to work productively, or your customers are complaining about doing business with you, then we can help. We will design your system so your business can reach its full potential and gain a competitive advantage enabling your company you become more successful.

To demonstrate the power of good system design, here are three recent customer examples:

  • We helped one business reduce customer file access from minutes to seconds, saving several employees hours a day in customer information processing making their customers happier and their staff more productive

  • We helped one medical practice consolidate billing from three separate high-rent offices into a less expensive off-site billing center reducing costly overhead

  • We helped a financial consulting firm provide off-site secure access to key files and applications on a nationwide basis to consultants in the field this reduced overhead and increased data security

We understand technology is not a “one size fits all” solution. Each business has different priorities and needs depending on their industry and existing infrastructure. We can explain your options in plain English and help you visualize how technology can improve your business. As your part-time “Chief Technology Officer”, we can help you design systems specific to your business needs, with everything from overall system architecture to hardware and software components to networking and remote access.

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