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Small Business Technology Assessment

Knowing what you have and knowing what you need are just the start of developing a well managed computer system. Many small and mid-sized businesses have unmanaged computer systems and therefore are reactive in their technology planning. When a PC breaks they buy a new one, when they need an application it’s off to the computer store. 

Aside from the unplanned expense of these actions, the real danger is winding up with a computer system that is complex, unproductive and unreliable. The lack of a professional technology game plan for your business will ultimately cost you more money and headaches in:

  • wasteful purchases of incompatible hardware & software

  • inefficiencies in workflow

  • lack of staff productivity

  • increases in costly repairs

  • placing you at a competitive disadvantage

By contrast, applying our managed approach to your computer system we can bring order, with simplicity, productivity and reliability at a fraction of the cost of an unmanaged approach. Bottom line we will help you save money and become more competitive with less headaches.

Vicinitech Technology Assessment

We will objectively assess your business needs and identify the technology capabilities you really need by comparing to what you currently have on hand. Then we develop a plan to gradually integrate the necessary hardware/software capabilities to meet your business process demands for today and tomorrow at a manageable cost without any surprises.

  An outline of our managed technology assessment process follows:

  1. Business Review: A determination of your business goals, plans for expansion, if any, & budgetary considerations

  2. Assessment: A review of the existing data requirements & voice infrastructure

  3. Evaluation: An examination to benchmark how your current technology may be potentially impacting workflow process efficiencies, staff productivity & customer satisfaction

  4. Identification: A review of potential technologies that may create a more streamlined, productive  and competitively fit workplace

  5. Written Plan: Presentation of a written plan with solution alternatives, including timeframes for investment & capability improvement

Our end goal, as always, is to identify areas that yield the best return on investment for your organization. To start transforming your computer system from unmanaged to managed is simple contact us.

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