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Small Business Computer Technology Planning

Is computer technology planning necessary?

What do they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The short answer is yes!

Without it your business is vulnerable to a host of problems that begin with just money and could end with a failed business. If your computer systems fail it’s a business risk – if you need to replace them quickly, that’s even more risk.

The solution for small and mid-sized businesses is to understand the need to balance cash flow and investment with improvements in business productivity that will  keep you competitive and your customers satisfied. Technology planning is at the heart of a well managed computer system. Effective technology planning gives you predictable investments with a high return in business efficiency and the competitive advantages it provides are crucial to business success:

  • Productivity Potential: Your current technology may operate but be quietly causing productivity or customer service issues. Targeted updates can sometimes save thousands of dollars in employee time and lost customer sales.

  • Sustainability: Are the current hardware or applications obsolete? Is the operating system still being supported? Is there the potential for loss of data or a possibility of business interruption due to technology failures? Assessing current risk and implementing preventive actions is paramount to avoiding problems in the first place and reducing the cost of maintaining your computer system.

  • Investment Planning: Upgrading or selecting new software and hardware may seem right in the short-term but expenses can add up. Through planned investing an organization can match outbound cash flow with business conditions that allow for an orderly progression of enhance capabilities without incurring large peaks and valleys in cash to keep your business running smoothly.

Vicinitech technology planning will:

  • make your company more competitive in the marketplace

  • increase customer satisfaction in doing business with your firm

  • increase business efficiency making your staff more productive & happier

  • produce predictable IT investments with an excellent Return On Investment

Our planning process is a comprehensive review of your organization’s data and communications infrastructure. We can provide a complete Technology Assessment or concentrate on a specific issue that may be critical like the need for a Security Audit.

Technology Assessment >>>

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