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Small Business Technology Support

When it comes to managing your computer system the kinds of technology support for small and mid-sized businesses are often reactive in their approach and lack the kind of professional support you really need to make your technology investment pay dividends instead of just costing you money. Here are your typical choices.

  1. “Go it alone” – but spend hours solving problems like “why can’t I see the printer from this PC?”, “where did my file go?”, and “is that a virus?”

  2. Go to the “big box” computer stores – but be told by the hardware guys “we can’t fix that, that’s Microsoft’s problem” and be told by Microsoft, after paying $39, “that’s the application, not Windows”

  3. Freelance Tech Support Person: Often unreliable service providers between jobs that speak a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo but can’t seem to get the problem fixed or return your phone calls. This is a band-aid approach at best that relies upon fixing problems as they arise with no ongoing preventive maintenance. Additional shortcomings with this choice of computer support are:

  • creates spikes in cash flow

  • every service call bills at an a-la-carte rate that will cost more in the long haul

  • not as reliable in emergencies

  • no commitment to your long-term success

  1. Professional Small Business Support - Business Class Technology Support™ from Vicinitech. Our support services offer these desirable advantages to small business:

  • A business orientation to your technology – we make recommendations based on sound business reasons, not cool technology

  • A full-time technical staff. Unlike a one-man operation, we bring in the right expert to help you, when you need it.

  • We speak English, not "techno-geek". We pride ourselves on the ability to explain your technology options in clear business terms that you understand

  • One convenient solution for all your technical needs – telecom, wiring, fiber, phones, wireless. That's unlike the big computer stores, who will fix hardware but run away from other more complicated problems

  • Competitive rates -- that offer exceptional value, about what you'd pay your car mechanic

Depending on your needs, you may prefer our unstructured On-Call Support or our standardized Service Pack maintenance plans. Either way, you’ll get the professional, competent, timely service you expect.

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